Will he make God laugh?

It seems the world is saddened today at the death of Robin Williams.  On the news a billboard outside a comedy club read, “RIP, Make God laugh.”  I hope for his sake that Robin IS in heaven, in the presence of God, rather than spending eternity in hell.  Contrary to the way some people feel, to me it’s sad when anyone dies.  For Christians, we know after death is eternity in heaven with the Lord.  For saved loved ones we know we will see our departed loved ones who were saved again.  But they still leave a void.  As the Bible says, we don’t grieve as the world grieves, yet we still grieve.  The death of Robin Williams is a solemn reminder that money cannot buy happiness, fame cannot buy happiness, nor can success buy happiness.  It seems with everything he had going for him he was still sad inside.  The man that could bring you to tears laughing was most likely lonely and hurting inside.  I know people with very little of this world’s riches, yet are happy people.  I believe inside every one of us, as God’s creations, there is a void that can only be filled by the presence of God Himself.  No money, fame, success or even alcohol or drugs can fill.  As we bid goodbye to Robin Williams, I truly hope he was a Christian, “saved by the blood of the crucified One.”  They say later today the coroner will announce his/her findings.  Does it really matter?  I guess in some small way to some it might, but the fact is, he’s gone.  Will he make God laugh?  I truly hope so.