What it means

I heard an excellent sermon the other day that in it said we’re not about “religion.”  That is so true.  When people ask me “what faith” I am, the answer is simple, I am a Christian by faith, a Baptist by conviction.  To me, Christianity is not some club you join.  It’s not something you’re born into.  To me, Christianity defines who I am.  It (the Word of God) gives me guidance and direction for every area of my life.  It tells me how to have a meaningful and productive life with God, and tells me how to get along and be a blessing to the people around me.  If my opinions differ from what God’s Word says, it’s simple my opinions are wrong and I change them to conform with known Truth (God).  It does not mean I am better than anyone else.  It does not give me the right to force my beliefs on anyone else.  It does give me a responsibility to share God’s Word with an unbelieving world, a responsibility to warn my fellow man of impending judgment, and a responsibility to live my life in such a way as to point people to Christ.  I aim to please my Heavenly Father, as I desired to please my earthly father.  Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship.  Christianity does not mean I’m perfect, only forgiven.  It means I am to love others as Christ loves me.  It is not an option, it is a commandment.  My relationship with God fills a void in my life that nothing else could fill.  It tells me why I’m here (to have a relationship with God), where I would go without God (eternity in Hell), and now, by His grace where I’m going (Heaven) not based on my righteousness, but solely on the righteousness of Christ, and the confession of my sins and trusting in His atoning death.  I’m not yet where I want to be, but thanks to God, I’m not where  used to be.