Robin Williams

In a follow-up to a previous blog regarding the untimely death of comedic actor Robin Williams, it has been reported in an article on Facebook that Robin Williams did indeed accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior before his death.  The article mentioned that while in rehab, Mr. Williams was witnessed to and was led to the Lord.  There probably isn’t much doubt to the comedic genius of Robin Williams.  As funny a man as he was, some say his best works were in later serious roles.  It is tragic to think of how many people are walking this earth, making other laugh, while they themselves are hurting so, inside.  So many times our lives are so superficial that we fail to recognize those around us who are hurting.  It shames me to say, that even in my line of work (ministry), I miss what may be signs, or cries for help.  May God bless Robin’s surviving family and friends and hopefully others may come to know the peace with God that Robin did.