“Life,Death,and Taxes”

“Life, Death, and Taxes”

I’m glad today I have a job so at least I can get paid;

But it seems like what I bring back home doesn’t do much trade.

Before the envelope is opened taxes are taken out;

Politicians say they need it, what’s that all about?

I go to buy the groceries and taxes paid once more;

It almost seems so painful to go back to the store.

If there’s anything left over I put it in the bank;

But every year I file my tax and more taxes I should thank?

I live in “Taxachusetts” a nickname that we gave;

To be here in the Commonwealth to taxes be enslaved.

The cars we buy, the pop we drink more taxes that we owe;

They have their little hands out, when we come and when we go.

It’s just a matter of time I think before the air we breathe;

Is money for the government, for us, one more pet peeve.

They say the only certainty is life and death and tax;

But Uncle Sam is heavy, when standing on OUR backs.