1 Cor. 3:10-15 tells us that as Christians, one day we will stand before the Lord and our works will be judged.  Works that were temporal, done with impure motives, works that really didn’t matter will be burned up, yet we will endure.  Works done for the Lord, works done for His honor and glory will not be burned.  While on this earth, in this body, we have opportunities for investments.  Investments to provide for our retirement, investments to provide for college, or in case we are unable to work to provide for ourselves.  Stocks, bonds, and securities just to name a few.  But the greatest investment I believe we can make is in people.  When our Lord walked this earth, He invested in people, preparing them for the day He would return to the right hand of His Father.  They would be left behind to carry on His legacy.  For almost 35 years now I have been privileged to minister to people of all ages.  The greatest compliment I receive is that of people I ministered to when they were young children.  Now, many are grown adults with children of their own.  The fact that they still are active in church and are loving and serving the Lord touches my heart and brings honor and glory to our King.  It is due in no part by my abilities, but totally by the grace of God.  Souls that were saved, now sharing with others the glorious gift of God’s love and forgiveness.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Now that’s the greatest investment.