A Gift LikeYou

I was moved to write this as a dear friend of mine is grieving the loss of a friend. I hope in some way it brings comfort.

A Gift Like You.
You came into my life just at the right time;
I had a need, you had a need, the fit was sublime.
We hit it off, right from the start;
It definitely was a joining of our hearts.
A gift like you, a gift like you;
A friendship too good to be true.
You met a need I had indeed;
Like kindred spirits you were to me.
But now you’re gone, what will we do?
To fill the void of missing you.
The years we had, now bittersweet;
You went away, the Lord to meet.
One day again I’ll see your face;
But until then, an empty space.

D.R.P. 9.27.14