“The mind of Christ”

“The Mind of Christ”

To have the mind of Christ is to be our goal they say;

But when I consider what it cost it seems too much to pay.

To leave His home in Heaven is much too much to ask;

And find Him suitable housing is far too great a task.

He healed the sick, and raised the dead, and made the blind to see;

He bore our sins and died our death upon that cruel tree.

He held their children in tender care upon His holy knee;

To teach of faith and love and hope to people such as me.

He fed the hungry multitude who had no bread to eat;

But they only wanted miracles not a mercy seat.

They wanted Him to be for them a king to set them free;

But not a Holy Savior to pay sin’s penalty.

To have the mind of Christ you see is all the world to me;

But when I see the Standard it brings me to my knees.

There is only One named Jesus and He’s my dearest Friend;

And He’s the One I know I’ll see when life comes to an end.

D.R.P. 9.29.14