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Demonitis” Isaiah 1:5

In our churches there is a terrible disease going around. It is worse than the Legionnares disease, worse than swine flu, worse than the Japanese flu. It is not tonsillitis, tendonitis, appendicitis, bursitis, meningitis or hepititus. It has been diagnosed as Devilitis. It is an epidemic in our Baptist churches. Isaiah said, the whole body is sick. Here are the symptoms:

I. Devilitis Affects The Appetite

A. Here is what they say, “I am not hungry for preaching.”

B. People used to cry out, “Feed me, Preacher,” but now they have Devilitis.

C. People used to like to ing “Amazing Grace,” but now they have Devilitis.

II. Devilitis Affects The throat

A. They cannot testify anymore.

B. They cannot witness anymore.

C. They cannot invite people o church anymore.

III. Devilitis Affects The Eyes

A. They cannot see the lost, the fields white unto harvest.

B. They cannot see the needs of the church.

IV. Devilitis Affects The Feet

A. They cannot walk with God anymore.

B. They cannot walk with their fellow Christian anymore.

V. Devilitis Affects The Brain

A. It makes you buy an NIV Bible.

B. It makes you think Sunday School is a thing of the past.

VI. Devilitis Affects Your Sense Of Direction

A. You cannot find your way to church for the same reason a burglar cannot find a policeman.

Togetherness” Acts 2:37-47 (v. 44)

Just like the church in Acts was together, we need to be. If one part of the body hurts, we all hurt. If one has a heartache we all fee the pain. One part of the body rejoices, we all rejoice. All that believed were together, because they were a…..

I. Saved Fellowship v. 41

A. They were a saved fellowship because they were a soul-winning fellowship.

B. Ps. 119:63

C. Rom. 1:11-12

D. 1 John 1:7

II. A Stedfast Fellowship v. 42

A. Stedfast: To continue; to perservere; to endure and stick.

B. The Spirit of God works it. It is based on the Word of God.

C. They were stedfast in:

1. The Scriptures.

2. Their service.

3. In soul-winning

D. Acts 20:17-24

E. Examples of stedfastness

1. Job 23:11-12

2. Daniel 3:18

3. Acts 4:20

4. Heb. 11:25-27

III. A Sacrificial Fellowship vv. 45, 34-35

IV. A Spirit-filled Fellowship vv. 46-47

A. Rom. 8:6

B. 1 Cor. 2:13-14

C. Acts 1:8

D. The greatest need of the hour is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

1. They prayed.

2. Tey believed God by faith. Luke 24:49

3. They had supernatural boldness.

4. They had supernatural power.

E. Look at the result of their faith

1. They were amazed. 2:12

2. They were convicted. 2:37

3. They were converted. 2:38,41

4. They came gladly. 2:41

5. They praised God. 2:47

If we are ever going to see revival in our church, we must be saved, be stedfast, be willing to sacrifice and be spirit-filled.