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“The mind of Christ”

“The Mind of Christ”

To have the mind of Christ is to be our goal they say;

But when I consider what it cost it seems too much to pay.

To leave His home in Heaven is much too much to ask;

And find Him suitable housing is far too great a task.

He healed the sick, and raised the dead, and made the blind to see;

He bore our sins and died our death upon that cruel tree.

He held their children in tender care upon His holy knee;

To teach of faith and love and hope to people such as me.

He fed the hungry multitude who had no bread to eat;

But they only wanted miracles not a mercy seat.

They wanted Him to be for them a king to set them free;

But not a Holy Savior to pay sin’s penalty.

To have the mind of Christ you see is all the world to me;

But when I see the Standard it brings me to my knees.

There is only One named Jesus and He’s my dearest Friend;

And He’s the One I know I’ll see when life comes to an end.

D.R.P. 9.29.14

A Gift LikeYou

I was moved to write this as a dear friend of mine is grieving the loss of a friend. I hope in some way it brings comfort.

A Gift Like You.
You came into my life just at the right time;
I had a need, you had a need, the fit was sublime.
We hit it off, right from the start;
It definitely was a joining of our hearts.
A gift like you, a gift like you;
A friendship too good to be true.
You met a need I had indeed;
Like kindred spirits you were to me.
But now you’re gone, what will we do?
To fill the void of missing you.
The years we had, now bittersweet;
You went away, the Lord to meet.
One day again I’ll see your face;
But until then, an empty space.

D.R.P. 9.27.14


1 Corinthians 7:7 says, “For I would that all men were even as I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that.”


The gifts of God are much like ours, they come in every shape and size;

Sometimes they flap, sometimes they snap, sometimes they even tie.

The gifts of God are different though, sometimes they’re not even wrapped;

Sometimes the best gifts given can sit upon our laps.

The best gift God has given has cost Him everything;

The gift of our salvation was ours for the taking.

I find earthly gifts most special, are people sent my way;

They are gifts that keep on giving as we live each day by day.

The Mother and the Father, that God had given me;

Helped mold me and to make me who I turned out to be.

The wife that God has given me has helped make me complete;

She’s there when I fall down to help me to my feet.

The daughter God has given me has helped breathe life in me;

Every day with I have with her is a gift to me you see.

The friends that God has given me are the best a man could share;

And that explains as best I can why God’s gifts are so rare.

D.R.P.    9/23/14

Growth…it happens.

1 Peter 2:1-2  The Bible tells us we are to desire the “milk” of the Word of God, that we may be able to grow.  Growth is important in the life of every creature, if there is going to be life.  At this time in the life of our family, we are watching our only child finish high school and prepare to make her way in the world.  As I look back at her younger days I remember her asking me, “Daddy, when am I going to be able to tie my shoes? Daddy, when am I going to be able to zip up my jacket?”  I remember telling her not to worry, that growth will happen without her even realizing it.  All she had to do was eat good, nutritious foods, get plenty of rest, and get necessary exercise, and growth would just happen.  We cannot “make” ourselves grow.  If we could, people who wish to be taller could get their wish.  Growth is not a process, it is the result of a process.  Spiritual growth occurs much the same way as physical growth.  If we eat daily from the “bread” and “milk” of God’s Word, get plenty of rest by honoring the Lord’s Day by being in God’s House (the local New Testament Church), and getting the spiritual exercise we need by exercising our faith, growth cannot help but occur.  Growth can at times also be painful.  I fully realize that one day, Lord willing, my “little girl” will be taking on another man’s name and leaving our home to live in another.  I know we’ll be excited to see her go on with her own life, but also be sad to lose her presence here.  Growth also happens in churches where the Lord brings people, and at times prunes people away.  It’s all a part of growth…it happens.