Monthly Archives: August 2014

“I’m rich!”

When I was younger, I grew up hearing stories of how financially tough things were for my family when my brother and I were very little.  My father worked 2 jobs to support us, and at times mom brought in income by babysitting neighborhood children.  There were times (I’m told) that my mom was in the hospital and either my brother or myself were as well.  Dad would simply sign over his paycheck to pay the hospital bill and get some change back.  There is also the stories of how mom and other neighborhood women would swap cans of soup to have some variety.  Mom and Dad have since passed away and now my brother and I are both fathers.  I have a God-given wife and a wonderful daughter.  Although nothing in comparison to what my parents went through, times are still tough economically.  My parents could have bought more than ten of their home’s for what we had to pay for ours.  I live in a nice neighborhood in a nice small town in New England.  There’s not much money in the bank, but God has been far better to me than I deserve.  Not only has He saved my soul, but He has allowed me the family that I have.  He has allowed me the privilege of serving Him and my congregation as His under-shepherd at Colonial Hills.  The people in our small congregation love me in spite of myself.  I love and pray for them and consider them some of the dearest friends I have.  I honestly believe they would do almost anything for me, as I would for them.  Yes, I consider myself rich.  True wealth is not measured by what is in your wallet, nor in your bank account.  I believe true wealth is measured by those you love and those who love you.  I have God and a great company of earthly friends that I’m blessed by.  And that my friends makes me rich beyond compare.


Yesterday at our church we were blessed to have evangelist Gary Hawkins and his dear wife and children with us.  I can’t begin to tell you how much of a blessing they were to us.  When you look at all the chaos going on in our world today, it was inspirational to see so much positive from this lone family.  Bro. Hawkins is a faithful man of God who still preaches the glorious Gospel from the time-tested KJV Bible.  He makes no apologies for it, nor should he.  His dear wife radiated grace and a Christ-like spirit.  His children added to his ministry like spices to a fine dish.  The family fit in our church like they’ve been members for years.  The Holy Spirit def is using this family for the glory of God.  In a world of “wars and rumors of wars,” it was such a blessing to see that God is still on the throne and hard at work.




We’re living in a world today where people want things free;

But everything worth having will cost either you or me.

I often feel unworthy, for blessings I have known;

From God Who is in heaven, or kindness others show.

It truly makes me humble, for I know I deserve them not;

The only thing that I can do is share what I have got.

May my life always picture the grace of God I know;

As we each run the race and as we onward go.

I thank you Heavenly Father, for Your mercy and Your grace;

Until the day I live with you, and see you face to face.

D.R.P.      8.1.14